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Design Gallery

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Our team design more than 10 boardgames and educational tools each year, including educational tabletop games developed and designed in-house. We specialize in research, development, design, and printing for government, schools, social welfare organizations, and the business sector. Our work has been well-received and widely appreciated in the industry!

Innovative Solutions for Key Strategic Partner

!nside Cards®

In 2021, we developed the innovative 8-in-1 coaching tool called !nside Cards®.  It has also received the prestigious “Famous Brands Hong Kong” award. !nside Cards® continues to be optimized and has reached its 3rd edition, deeply appreciated and supported by users.
It has be expanded to places such as Macau, Taiwan, Shanghai, Canada, and more.


In the end of 2023, we developed the second tool called ACF SELF-COACHING CARDS, which is Hong Kong’s first set of pure self-coaching tool cards. It can be used for personal use or group training purposes.

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